Medicaid Planning & Application

It’s difficult to anticipate what kind of health care you may need as you get older, but it’s a good idea, regardless, to secure a well-rounded, affordable plan for what may come. Medicaid planning is a means of doing just that. To put it simply, the goal of Medicaid planning is to put you in a position to be eligible for Medicaid when you need it in the future, while simultaneously securing your assets for your loved ones. A well-structured plan will guide you to get the right assets in the right place when it’s time to apply for Medicaid.

Before you can fully appreciate the benefits of Medicaid planning, it’s important to understand what Medicaid is, how it operates in your state, and whether it makes sense for you. You can learn a great deal through your own research, but be advised — laws are frequently being updated, and it’s important to ensure that you are educating yourself with the right information. One of the best ways to do so is to seek counsel from a seasoned legal professional.

Make the Healthy Choice

Plan Ahead for Health Care

Understanding Medicaid

To begin your Medicaid education, here is a brief explanation of what it is: Medicaid is a program that works at both the state and federal levels. Its purpose is to assist the less fortunate in paying for health care. When the time comes to actually apply for Medicaid, there are many factors that will determine whether or not you qualify, such as your gross monthly income, the value of your assets, and your available resources.

The law regarding Medicaid eligibility is just as complex as any tax law and for most people just as confusing. Not only that, but the eligibility requirements for Medicaid vary from state to state. In Texas, the law is constantly changing, which means that advice given one month may be completely obsolete in the next. Uninformed advice can prove detrimental to your cause because of changes in the law or how it is applied by the Department of Human Services or other governmental agencies. 

For all these reasons, it’s in your best interest to elicit the counsel of an experienced Medicaid planning attorney — one who stays up-to-date on current laws, has experience with the process, and is familiar with the local governing bodies in charge of it. Charles Kennedy is just that kind of attorney. If you think Medicaid planning should be a part of your plan, or even if you just have questions, don’t hesitate to schedule an informational consultation.

See If Medicaid Planning Is Right for You

Armed with your knowledge of Medicaid planning, you can imagine how beneficial it could be in the long run. If you qualify, Medicaid can act as your health care safety net — and that means you’ll have one thing less to worry about during your golden years. With that peace of mind, you and your family can spend less time wondering about the future and more time enjoying the present. To find out if Medicaid planning is right for you, contact attorney Charles Kennedy to discuss your options.