Documents Need at Initial Medicaid Conference

Most Medicaid applications are for persons over the age of 65 already in a skilled nursing facility (nursing home). The information needed for a person who wants to apply for assistance while living at home or in the community is very similar.

When patient is married the document is needed for both spouses.

1 Copies of Medical Power of Attorney, HIPAA Release and Physician’s Directive (Living Will);

2. Power of Attorney (financial matters);

3. Most current Last Will and any Revocable Trust;

4. Most current statements for every financial account (whether checking, savings, investment, stock, etc.);

5. Copies of deeds to real estate;

6. List of all transfers for less than fair market value (FMV-what the asset could be sold for to a third party);

7. Life Insurance and Annuity Policies with the current cash value;

8. Cemetery plots and any pre-need burial policies;

9. Information about Medicare Supplemental Policies ( need to know if client is on “standard” Medicare or Medicare Advantage) This includes information about Part D prescription policies.

10. Information about amounts owed by client of any type, including any lawsuits;

11. A list of all property of material value. This does not include pots and pans, furniture, etc. It does include any asset with a transferable title, account number or other method of tracing. It also includes any cash kept outside a financial institution.

Fraud is a felony and is a federal crime. If in doubt, list it.

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